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Mask World

Under the tutelage of the immeasurable Shelley Wyant, I've specialized in Mask Work throughout the last few years. I currently teach Mask Work at institutions such as Circle in the Square Theatre School and the Terry Knickerbocker Studio. I've directed Mask performances at Circle in the Square, as well as been a featured solo Mask Performer at IATI Theatre and Moving Body Resources.


Circle in the Square

I've become core faculty at Circle in the Square Theatre School, where I teach Neutral Mask to first year as well as summer intensive students.
Recently I've also directed on of their winter devised works, resulting in "The Left Overs" presented on their Broadway stage (pictured above.)

The Terry Knickerbocker Studio

Recently I started teaching Neutral and Character Mask at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio alongside the legendary Shelley Wyant.
Pictured are students using "Larva Masks", the middle step between Neutral and Character Masks.

Mask Performances

As a Mask performer I have been featured through The Moving Body Salons, Marc Laffia's "The Practicing Human", and most recently IATI Theater.

Founded in 1968, IATI is one of the most award-winning theaters in New York City. IATI Theater produces works that are original, exciting, bold, experimental, intimate and engaging. While highlighting the complexity, contradictions, richness and depth of the myriad experiences among the many Latin cultures.

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